Project Logistics

Project Logistics specialists provide complete services for entire large-scale, heavy-lift projects. We will plan, manage and undertake special logistics projects of any scale from start to finish. However challenging the geography, however complex the lift, Project Logistics works closely with our engineering and contractor customers to ensure that every project is planned, delivered and completed on time and to exact specifications

We coordinate the flow of materials, handle restrictions in difficult or remote areas, manage site operations, provide flexible options and stage supply lines to meet exacting deadlines.

  • International Forwarding – Air and Sea
  • Inland Transport
  • Heavy Lift
  • Vessel & Aircraft Chartering
  • Customs Brokerage
  • Export Packing & Marshalling
  • Turnkey Project Management
  • Marine, Aviation, and Port Services
  • Import / Export Freight Contractors
  • Charter Vessel Clearance & Entry
  • Import & Export Formalities
  • Export Packing
  • Heavy Lift Operations / Oversized Cargo Handling
  • Hazardous Materials Handling
  • International Warehousing & Distribution
  • Delivery to Job Sites
  • Procurement and Trading
  • Total Logistics Management Services

Oil & Gas

Driven by the strong demand for oil and gas logistics services. Remote locations, heavy or oversized equipment, safety and security requirements are just a few of the challenges facing the oil and gas logistics industry. Critical transport space requirements or transit times also impact project schedules.

  • Hydrocarbons and Material Management
  • Unique supply chain solutions and logistics services that support upstream, midstream and downstream
    • Project forwarding
    • Heavy lift
    • Facility & inventory management
    • Facility & inventory management
    • Chemical logistics
    • Marine services
    • Catering
    • Catering
    • Export Compliance Analysis
    • Export Compliance Analysis
  • Maintain the highest level of quality, safety, health and environmental standards

Rig Movement

Excellence in oil and gas logistics begins with planning around your key performance requirements then developing customized logistics solutions. Our 24/7 personal commitment to your logistics service needs include not only global transport services but local marine services, catering and security options. Our team's knowledge of the industry and established relationships mean your equipment and supplies, rigs, bulk or packaged goods, and heavy lift transports are delivered where you need them when you need them.

Our experts have experience in moving rigs from any origin to final destinations globally which include:

  • Inspection / survey - We have skilled in-house surveyors to inspect/survey the rigs at supplier's premises and provide the estimate volume, dims and weight for preparation of shipping cost
  • Packing / Securing - Our professional export packing division ensure cargo is safely packed for its journey into final destination
  • Shipping Plan - Strongly believes in smooth shipping plan which comprises of the following:
    • Cost Effective
    • Meet Delivery Deadline
    • Meet Delivery Deadline
    • Cargo safety
  • Loading - Dedicated crew are personally present during all loadings supported by special equipment, labor, riggers, etc
  • Document Preparation - Ensure all documentation is in place in order to meet the customs rules and regulations at both ends
  • Insurance - Offer full insurance coverage whenever and wherever needed
  • Export/Import Customs Handling - Extensive knowledge of the export and import customs handling requirements worldwide
  • Final Delivery - Guarantee delivery of material to client's satisfaction

Fairs & Events

Fairs & Events specialists understand the challenges of positioning on-site at major locations to deliver true personalized service tight shipment schedules and multiple venue stops are common logistics headaches facing trade fair organizers, show promoters and exhibitors.

  • Specialized handling and managing of shipments for fairs and events
  • One-stop events, fairs, and exhibition logistics services
  • Coordinating shipments for delivery from countries of origin to the exhibition sites
  • Handling exhibition goods on-site
  • Returning shipments to their original locations upon show closing
  • Skilled and experienced staff, specialized equipment, and the geographic reach to handle all of your needs
  • Exhibitor and organizer services
  • On-site handling, un-packing, and re-packing

    Event services

    • Sports
    • Performing & Visual Arts
    • Product Launches
  • Venue Logistics Management (VLM)
  • Customs clearance
  • Permits for special cargoes/temporary import
  • Sea/air transportation and trans-shipment
  • Storage and delivery

Packing & Removals

A central aspect of any relocation is the move itself. As part of our commitment to providing fully integrated relocation solutions, we offer move management services that allow you to oversee all aspects of your relocation through one point of contact.

  • Pre-Move Survey
  • Personal, Commercial, Industrial - Packing and Loading
  • Warehousing & Storage
  • Transportation
  • Origin & Destination Services
  • Transit Insurance