Air Freight specialists delivering on your daily priorities for time, space, frequency and cost. We listen, learn and form a close partnership with you to identify your needs and understand your goals.

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Door to Door Service
Bulk Cargo
Multi-Supplier/Single Consignee - Consolidation
Part and Full Charter


Ocean Freight specialists match frequent sailings and flexible service options to your specific business objectives, we pull from a range of standard Ocean Freight products and supplementary options to secure the space allocation, timing, frequency and rates that fit your precise objectives. Whether we need to reserve an oversize container or securely transport your high-value cargo, each shipment is treated with care.

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Door to Door Service
Single supplier multiple consignee consolidation
Part and Full Charter


Road Freight specialists seek to understand your objectives and create solutions that deliver. We combine simple, standardized Road Freight products with a host of customizable options to achieve the ideal balance of lead-time, capacity, frequency and cost.

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Border Customs Clearance
Bonded Service
Local and regional FTL, LTL and Groupage services
Large, Modern vehicle fleet
Large, Modern vehicle fleet
Forklifts, Flat-beds and Open trucks and Heavy Lift capabilities

Customs Clearance & Brokerage

Customs clearance and brokerage specialists simplify your customs clearance processes by certifying documents compliance, finalizing all Governmental formalities required for cargo delivery.

  • Import/Export Port Customs Clearance
  • Airports customs clearance
  • Boarder Customs Clearance
  • Temporary Import / Export
  • Repair and Return
  • Under Bond Clearance
  • Security
  • Financial services
  • Charters
  • Bonded storage and re-export facilities